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Solar System Design

Solar Tower

About Solar System Design Jobs

System Design roles are technical and help scope, design, and build the components that will be used in the field.  These roles understand how their components fit into the full end-to-end installation and are able to work cross-functionally with other stakeholders to ensure that the changes and improvements they are making will have a positive effect on the full solution. 

Solar Career Growth

Career growth varies by the type of role in this category.  Technicians can progress into more senior roles in manufacturing category.  Designers can take on larger scale projects.  Software engineers can being as an individual contributor and grow to lead software teams as they understand the solar industry.

The U.S. will continue to need thousands of these roles to meet our solar production goals over the coming decades.  There is no time like today to begin investing in your solar career and establishing yourself as a solar design expert. 

Common Skills Required

These roles are technical and require a detailed understanding of solar stack.  Technicians will need to read and prepare technical documentation to granularly understand how the system operates.  Designers and structural engineerswill spend significant time in CAD programs to build prototypes of panels. 

Some roles may also require NABCEP's certifications.  Having experience in Installation & Operations roles is always a benefit as you move closer to production, but may not be required if you have the necessary technical skillset.

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