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Solar Project Development Jobs

Project Development thinks about implementation across residential, commercial, or utility sites

About Project Development

Project development roles help market, sell, and ensure the success of solar deployments. These roles are varied and range from junior options (entry-level sales) to experienced roles such as senior project developers that are responsible for large-scale solar installations and the success of those projects.

These jobs tend to be office jobs, but some may still require regular field visits such as a solar inspector.

Solar Career Growth

Solar sales or marketing is a great place to start your career if you are keen to learn more about the solar industry. Entry-level positions that focus on communicating the value and scoping the installation's success will give you varied experience. No two installations are exactly alike.  Sales offers a clear career ladder to eventually lead sales for your solar firm.

Other roles like project developers and procurement specialists require experience and you'll be at the forefront of learning about the optimal solar installations.  

Common Skills Required

Entry-level roles may have limited formal requirements (e.g. high school diploma), but make sure to do your research on the role and the solar industry before applying.  If you apply for a sales job, bea able to speak to how you would manage prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals with customers.​

All these roles require strong communication skills to interface with a variety of customers and cross-functional collaboration to bring the solar projects to life, whether it is a single home installation, or a new utility-grade solar panel field. 

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