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Solar Installation & Operations Jobs

Installation & Operations jobs are boots on the ground installing solar panels

About Installation & Ops Jobs

You are the boots on the ground helping us transform the our energy infrastructure.  While no two days or projects are alike, you'll follow a similar rhythm and build expertise as you drive the installation, testing, operation, and servicing of solar panels all over the country.

Residential, Commercial, Utility

Most employees specialize in residential, commercial, or utility installations of solar panels, but your knowledge will be transferable.  

Residential projects span 2-3 months with the installation itself taking less than a week.  Commercial projects will be at a much larger scale, and utility even larger.

Solar Career Growth

Starting your solar career in installation and operations is a great way to get hands-on experience in the field and learn what it takes to set up and maintain solar panels.  Entry-level jobs are available with training by some employers. Pursuing certifications like those offered by NABCEP can be a significant boost to your career, enhancing credibility and job prospects

Starting from junior roles on site, you can progress to become a project/operations manager and lead larger commercial/utility projects or even transition into a sales or consultancy role.  

Common Skills Required

Installation and operations jobs are great for those who are hungry to learn about the solar industry.  You'll generally need to complete a training program (offered at institutions or by employers), have an understanding of electrical systems, and be comfortable lifting heavy solar panels in challenging positions. 

Most roles also require regular travel to customer sites. On site, you'll provide customer education and training for to operate their systems once installed.  You'll learn the nooks and crannies of the different systems you'll need to operate.

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