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Solar Manufacturing & Engineering Jobs

Manufacturing think about how to improve and build more efficient solar energy grids

About these jobs

These roles are typically highly technical, requiring a Bachelor's degree, or even a PhD, in the respective field of engineering or materials science.  These rolls will be pushing the advances in solar panels to continue improving efficiency and decreasing costs.

Technicians are needed to manage the factory and assembly floors, ensuring seamless delivery to solar firms and customers.

Career Growth

Manufacturing and research breakthroughs have led to dramatic improvements in solar efficiency over the past decade as engineers and scientists applied themselves within academia and industry to push the technology.  Working within these technical roles will enable you to drive innovation and progress.  You can become a research leader or an executive at a variety of solar employers.

Technicians can bridge into installation and operations roles or become managers at their facilities.

Common Skills Required

Most of these roles will be highly technical and you'll need experience with CAD software, electrical circuits, root cause analysis (RCA), and a thorough understanding the manufacturing process.  Error analysis will be critical to ensure manufacturing can achieve the expected results as shown from the lab.  Some employers may require a PE (Professional Engineer) certification.  

Manufacturing technicians will typically have training/credentials from trade schools and have had experience working with heavy machinery and/or electronics.

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