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Solar Jobs Hub:
In-depth solar industry insights and career resources

Solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity generation in the USA, but we don't have enough workers to drive the transition.  Learn about the types of jobs available to help us harness the limitless energy of our nearest star to propel our economy forwards.

Learn about the types of solar jobs

We are focused on providing the best information on the jobs and careers to start or continue your career in the flourishing U.S. solar industry.  Learn about the day-to-day, job requirements, and outlook for all jobs in solar.

Find Solar Jobs Today

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Best Job Board for Solar

Here's why we provide the best site to find your next job in solar:

Tailored Solar Job Listings

We scan the entire web to aggregate and curate solar jobs in the United States.  Don't waste your time searching through irrelevant jobs on sites like Indeed if you are interested in solar career opportunities.

Smart Solar Filters

We've automatically pre-categorized jobs into relevant fields like "solar installers," "solar sales," and "solar technicians" so you don't have to worry about crafting the exact search.  You can also filter by tags like "entry-level" and "commercial" to narrow down to the type of job you're set on.

Timely Job Alerts

Once you know what jobs you're looking for, easily subscribe to new job alerts in your inbox so you can be one of the first applicants to apply.  No need to check dozens of job boards and careers sites every day.  

Quality Employers

We screen all employers on our site who are looking to hire in solar.  This means you're much more likely to hear back from employers as they know you are committed to solar and not one of the 2,000 applicants they get on a site like Indeed.  

Our Solar Blog For You

We strive to give you the most relevant information to help with your next career decision.  Here's a preview of what you'll find: 

This content will help you learn about the broad industry trends: everything form the IRA impact on Solar Jobs to how solar panels work to the latest salary trends in the industry

We recap the latest buzz in the industry and apply to how it will impact your career and job search.  The solar industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so it's critical to stay up-to-speed on the latest.

We dive into the lengthy and fascinating industry reports to extract out the key trends for you to be aware of in your career

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